It's better than stone.

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Our Vision

Choosing the perfect material to finish the exterior of a building can be a challenge. Aesthetics, cost, durability and ease of installation are all important considerations, but they often conflict. Traditional materials like natural stone and modern alternatives like stucco and precast offer certain benefits, but also have their disadvantages.


Inspired by this recurring challenge, we set out to create an improved product that would combine the most desirable aspects of existing materials - the aesthetics and durability of stone and precast with the cost-effective, lightweight, insulating properties of stucco. 


Our hybrid solution is Styrok - a collection of pre-finished architectural cladding and accents in a class of its own.

The Styrok Advantage

1 - Aesthetic Value

We make our products with natural pigment colorants and mineral aggregates that mimic the rich texture and colour of limestone. They are installed in a similar manner to stone, that is, by grouting all joints to produce a look and feel indistinguishable from carved limestone.

2 - Lightweight

All Styrok products contain a high density EPS (foam) core. They are a lightweight alternative to heavy concrete precast and limestone, which often require structural support and labour intensive installation processes.

3 - Durable

Our products are designed to last. Our T-Rok panels are made with glass fibre reinforced concrete, an incredibly durable material with high impact resistance. The rest of our products are coated with a high-strength Portland based cement. 

4 - Insulating

Styrok products offer R-value insulation of 4 due to their foam core.

5 - Pre-Fabricated

All of our products are carefully pre-fabricated in our Vaughan factory. Not only does this ensure a high degree of consistency and quality control, it also reduces installation time - no finishing is required on the job site.

6 - Easy to Clean

Our products are pre-sealed to protect them from dirt and dust; as a result, they are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance.

7 - Versatile

Styrok products can be installed over new or existing construction.

"I want to congratulate you and your team for developing a product that provides me as an architect an excellent alternative to heavy precast, especially for specific locations that would otherwise need costly steel supporting beams. I love the versatility of your product and the high quality that is very obvious."

Frank Montano


452 Bowes Road, Units 7-10, Concord, Ontario, L4K 1K2


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