It's better than stone.

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Our Vision

Prior to starting Styrok Inc. in 2013, our founder, Steve, spent over 15 years in the construction industry, running a successful tiling business and renovating high-end custom homes. Through this experience, he gained a deep understanding of the challenges builders face in choosing a material to finish the exterior of a building. Each of the most common options - natural stone, stone veneer and stucco - while offering certain benefits, also have their disadvantages.


Inspired by this recurrent challenge, Steve set out to develop a solution that would combine the most desirable aspects of each of these materials. A product that, without compromising the aesthetic appeal of natural stone, would be cost effective, insulating, lightweight and easy to install. The result is Styrok - a complete line of architectural cladding and accents that does just this.

The Styrok Advantage

1 - Aesthetic Value

We make our products with natural pigment colorants and mineral aggregates that mimic the rich texture and colour of limestone. They are installed in a similar manner to stone, that is, by grouting all joints to produce a look and feel indistinguishable from carved limestone.

2 - Lightweight

All Styrok products contain a high density EPS (foam) core. They are a lightweight alternative to heavy concrete precast and limestone, which often require structural support and labour intensive installation processes.

3 - Durable

Our products are designed to last. Our T-Rok panels are made with glass fibre reinforced concrete, an incredibly durable material with high impact resistance. The rest of our products are coated with a high-strength Portland based cement. 

4 - Insulating

Styrok products offer R-value insulation of 4 due to their foam core.

5 - Pre-Fabricated

All of our products are carefully pre-fabricated in our Vaughan factory. Not only does this ensure a high degree of consistency and quality control, it also reduces installation time - no finishing is required on the job site.

6 - Easy to Clean

Our products are pre-sealed to protect them from dirt and dust; as a result, they are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance.

7 - Versatile

Styrok products can be installed over new or existing construction.

"I want to congratulate you and your team for developing a product that provides me as an architect an excellent alternative to heavy precast, especially for specific locations that would otherwise need costly steel supporting beams. I love the versatility of your product and the high quality that is very obvious."

Frank Montano


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