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Want to finish a project with

Styrok? We can help.

Our A-Z custom project solution will make the process effortless.

2. Custom 3D Design

All great projects start with a great design. Your Styrok designer will create an accurate 3D design you love based on your specifications, budget and desired style. This will help you visualize exactly where every exterior wall panel, moulding and grout line will be placed. This design also serves as an installation guide for the installer and allows us to provide you with a final, accurate quote. 


To minimize cost, we have a wide selection of standard profiles that we can incorporate into your design to achieve your desired aesthetic without having to design custom pieces. That said, we are equipped to make just about anything if you’re looking for something intricate or highly-specific. 


Our Process

 1. Free Consultation

Before we get started, we need to understand your project requirements and design preferences. We begin by reviewing your architectural drawings and/or photos. Then, your Styrok designer will meet with you to learn more about your project.


Are you looking to replicate the look of a more traditional Indiana limestone exterior or are you looking for an alternative to ACM panels for a more modern design? Do you want a complete exterior cladding solution for all elevations of your project or do you just need a few columns and some custom accents that look like carve stone? What’s your timeline? Your budget? These are some of the questions we will explore during your consultation. 


We also have hundreds of designs of past projects we’ve done. During your consultation, your designer will show you several of these to get a sense of what you like and don’t like.  


Once we’ve gathered enough information, we provide you with a free ballpark quote.


Product Fabrication


3. Product Fabrication

Once you’ve approved your design and quote, we schedule your project and begin the manufacturing process. All your material is entirely prefabricated in our factory in Vaughan, Ontario, including all lightweight concrete panels, exterior mouldings, columns and prefab concrete accents. Prefabrication ensures quality control and reduces on-site installation time. By optimizing production and installation processes, we are able to offer you more, for less.

4. Installation

Finally, one of our certified installers will ensure your exterior cladding is installed just the way you imagined it. We carefully select our installers and they are all trained to work with our material. They use your approved design as a roadmap to achieve all details accurately. They also use a custom cutting table specifically designed for use with our product, which improves the accuracy of cut sizes and the overall quality of your finished Styrok exterior.

New Builds

Styrok takes on custom projects in a wholistic way, we are there every step of the way. From design and product customization to the installation and completion.

Styrok is the perfect product to give an older or dated house a new and luxurious feel. Styrok can be applied over brick, stone, stucco, siding.

New Builds

Want a Free Ballpark Quote?

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