Lime-ROK is a lightweight, prefabricated engineered limestone wall panel. It's a cost-effective alternative to Indiana limestone that features the same "honed" natural stone aesthetic.


Each panel consists of a 2” EPS backing board and a ⅜” high-impact, engineered limestone lamina. We finish the panel by applying a nano penetrating sealer to repel dirt and moisture. 


Lime-ROK can be installed over a stucco EIFS wall assembly, simplifying the process. It replaces the scratch coat, fibre mesh, scratch coat #2, and finish coat, while improving appearance, impact resistance and durability (higher impact resistance than an 8" thick limestone block). 

Dimensions: 2' x 4' x 2 ⅜” (can be cut to smaller sizes)

Weight: under 2 3/4 lbs / sq ft

What is Lime-ROK?